Thursday, October 8, 2009

the fête of frekkess! Thurs., October 22nd @ 9pm

the fête of frekkess!

Thursday, October 22nd, 9-11 pm
thru the swingin doors at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom
485 Dean St. @ 6th Ave.
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
2, 3 to Bergen, 4, 5, B, Q, D, M, N, R to Atlantic / Pacific

$6 suggested

The freaks come out in fall! Contortion! Butoh! Yodelling tranny! Musical Saw! Must be seen to be believd! Celebrate your inner freak and get yr spook on w/ NYC's finest vaudevillians. Hosted by celebrity impersonator Ron B as Miss Tina Turner, and featuring butoh dancer Azumi Oe, yogic contortionist The Amazing Amy, musical saw artist & clown John Leo, rapper Breezy, ventriloquist April Brucker, comedienne Kitten Withuwip, comedian Marcus Vinicius, strongman Tanya Solomon, and cuntry outfit the Low & the Lonesome feat. Jason Bertone on the upright bass, Lana Carroll on pedal steel & vox and Juan dos Pistoles on gitar & vox! Plus, light opera with Bryn Kelly & Joshua Bastian Cole!

Yr hostess Ron B as Miss Tina Turner

Ron B is an actor and activist. A member of the Screen Actor's Guild, she has appeared in Law & Order, Angels in America, several plays, and about town as Tina Turner.

& performances by

Azumi Oe, butoh dancer
w/ Zak on synthesizer

Azumi Oe was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. Since arriving in New York, She received Butoh training from Vangeline, Katsura Kan and Ko Muroboshi. Recently she performed as a principal dancer of the Vangeline Theatre at Abrons Arts Center, The Kitchen, Theatre for New City, Judson Memorial Church, Governors Island. She also explores solo work at the New York Dance Qube, Laguardia Performing Arts Center, and other places. Azumi is excited to collaborate with other dancers, musicians, film makers, and any kind of artist, with the hope of growing as a creator.

Kitten Withuwip

Kitten is a drag comedienne with a flair for the dramatics. She has been seen at The New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Caroline's, and plenty of other places around town. Her sense of humor can appeal to all and she is pleased to be performing for the Mongrel Vaudeville audience.

The Amazing Amy, yogic contortionist
w/ John Leo on improvised musical saw

The Amazing Amy (Harlib) is 54 years old and proud of showing what she can do despite her age. She has spent a life time studying all forms of movement and physical theater and became attracted to Chinese martial arts, acrobatics and Yoga in the early 1980s and parlayed that into a solo performance career that took her to Taiwan and back to her native NYC environs to perform in a wide variety of venues until 1994 when injuries forced her to retire with a disintegrated disc in her spine, torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders and arthritis that necessitated a total left hip replacement in 1998. All that time Amy never stopped her Yoga and so hated not performing, that she's using her extreme flexibility and zany imagination to relaunch her career starting this year! Already The Amazing Amy has appeared at the Downtown Clown Revue, The Bindlestiff Family Circus Open Variety Show at the Galapagos Arts Space, The Lava Dance Co. Night of Renegades Variety Show, the Hi Christina Arts Space, the Triskelion Arts Space's Cirque Off, The Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio's Velveteen Rainbow Fall Showcase and opens regularly for the Start Trekkin' Comedy Improv Group at The Tank Emerging Arts Space in Manhattan.

Amy is also a lifelong, avid reader of SF and fantasy literature, art and graphic novels - and loves to indulge in her passion for reading and cinema (especially the silent clowns). She lives in Chelsea and welcomes intelligent feedback and discussion about the genre and the arts. Other enthusiasms: cats, Star Trek and Star Wars, archeology / anthropology / paleontology, folklore and mythology, genre films, science for intelligent laypersons, and memoirs / narratives as literature. Have Yoga will be flexible and travel - please contact Amy for bookings at and visit her website (where future performance listings are posted) at

Breezy, rapstar

Whats up this Breezy from Queens. I started rapping 4 1/2yrs ago. The name of my team is T.L.F. which stands for trustloyaltyfamily. Check me out at Chyna Club on Thurdays or Club Prime. My links are myspace/718breezy check my blogs for videos and myvideos so you can watch ya boy!

April Brucker, ventriloquist

April Brucker is a twenty-two year old actress/ writer/ standup comedian/ ventriloquist/ voice artist based in the heart of New York City. This 5'4" dynamo’s 110 pound body is home to approximately 50 voices, many of which she uses in her act. Skilled as both a regular stand up comedian as well as a ventriloquist, April appears around New York City as herself and sometimes accompanied with her badly behaved blonde look-a-like puppet side kick May, performing their original and brutally honest brand of comedy. With an act that can boast of both good writing and good delivery, April has appeared at such Clubs as Pips (April’s home club and the toughest room in NYC before it’s closing.) She was the first comedian in the clubs history to be passed on her first night. In addition, April has appeared at New York Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club, Sal’s Comedy Hole (featured comedian), Underground Lounge (featured comedian), The Laugh Lounge, Nelani’s Night Club, the Telephone Bar, The Peoples Improv Theatre, The Improv, RB’s West Side, The Comedy Cellar, the Village Lantern, Fat Cats, Juvie Hall and many others.

Tanya Solomon

is a clown and variety performer, recently returned to NYC after several years in New Orleans, where she produced and hosted the Wonder Farm Cabaret. She has worked with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore, and Whirlybones Variety Arts Collective, among others, and performed at festivals in the US and Europe. Tanya is currently attending a master class in physical comedy taught by her dog Iggy.

The Low & the Lonesome straight out from the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn cuntry players Jason Bertone (upright bass), Lana Carroll (pedal steel, vox) and Juan dos Pistoles (acoustic guitar, vox) have got your heartache right here.

Bryn Kelly, light opera singer
with Joshua Cole Bastion

Bryn Kelly is a Brooklyn-based theater artist. Opera is kind of a hobby, but she has been known to stand on line for three hours to see Renée Fleming at the Met. She is concurrently in like four crazy shows right now, and if you're really interested in all that, ask her about 'em!

Joshua Bastian Cole is a recent transplant to Brooklyn by way of North Carolina. He is an FTM actor, singer, and dancer. Cole was recently published in Visible: a Femmethology, and was recently interviewed for a Time Out New York in a piece about trans singles.

In a few months, you can catch Bryn and Cole in an upcoming production of White Boys in Paradise, a new play by Tom Legér.

comedian Marcus Vinicius

my family and i are from brasil. i grew up mostly in new jersey right across the river from manhattan. i moved to brooklyn in the summer of 04.

i learned the art of comedy from being introverted, neurotic, and self deprecating.
i can be seen wandering the streets of new york and performing comedy anywhere they allow me.

if you wikipedia my name you will see that tacitus described me as
"mild in character and an elaborate orator."